#ATIorDIE… That is ALL. You’ve Been Warned.

This post right here??!! LOL. You need to check out this highly anticipated mixtape by the VA fam: Aspire To Inspire MG aka #ATIorDIE… Consisting of Intalek, Meeze, Motive, Basic, Lewsid, Ready Rell, Stretch Dollaz, and Stacks Miller…. This latest project, #orDie, brings the entire gang together (FINALLY!! Because I have been waiting for this moment FOREVER!!! ….Sorry, That’s the DIE HARD ATI Honorary member inside me talking..LOL) after some of the members of the group independently pursued their own projects in the previous years before 2012. It also has a feature from another VA native: TV.

I AM SOOOOO excited for this!!  Thank you to Team ATI for giving us an exclusive listen to the album! I will say not only does this album have a lot of BANGERS but lyrically this is like listening to a New Age WuTang Clan from Virginia. LOL. I sincerely mean that in the sense of there are a lot of members and each of them bring their own lyrical fire to the project…It has a lot of character. The #orDIE project drops Jan. 22, 2013!! So we have 2.5 more weeks to go!! Stay Tuned to Twitter for the link 1/22/13 via the #ATI team’s twitters at the conclusion of this post!

In the words of the great B.A.S.I.C. of #ATI: “Spread the word, tell a friend… Good Music is BACK IN!!…”

Front Cover

#orDIE Front

Back Cover

#orDIE Back

Also while you’re waiting on the #orDie project to drop, you can pick up Intalek’s latest mix tape, WRKD, in which he pays homage to one of his favorite producers, Chuck Inglish. Which you can click the cover below to download for the Free99!! 😉 DOPENESS I tell you… Just DOPENESS.

Intalek WRKD

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Written by @TheLadyOShow