The Revolution Will be Televised: Khaled M.

Now this dude right here?! … *Gives you that look of blown away in her Kat Williams impression* … IS SOMETHING ELSE! This is another person who is using their creative talents in Hip Hop to better the world they know. Khaled M. is a Libyan American from Lexington, Kentucky who just recently this year, as the war in Libya was going on, decided he wanted to help his own people by shedding light on a very misunderstood situation the best way he knew how…  His father was a revolutionary Libyan man, Mohamed “Fathi” Ahmed, who was imprisoned and tortured for 5 years and escaped in 1977 to lead more opposing forces against Gadhafi here in America and creating a home base known as the National Front for the Salvation of Libya. So with that in mind, when Khaled M. grew up and watched his home country struggle from the U.S., he wrote “Can’t Take Our Freedom” featuring the Iraqi-British emcee LowKey, (whom I also recommend that you check out IMMEDIATELY because he is EVERYWHERE.) “Can’t Take Our FreedomALONE got 50,000 hits on Youtube in its debut week… There was controversy concerning the contents of the footage and YouTube ended up banning it for quite some time… But you know who’s stronger than YouTube? …. THE PEOPLE.  Bet you they [YouTube] weren’t counting on people supporting it and reposting it everywhere, driving the numbers past 100,000 views collectively across independent sites around the world and giving YouTube no choice but to drop the ban… Crazy story right?!

  Watch the SpokenFree ENT. Interview with Khaled M. below… You’ll be amazed at his entire story and you’ll understand how his father’s story lives on. By the time you finish it, you’ll want to subscribe to his YouTube page and all of his other social media outlets.

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Did I also mention Khaled M. has been on CNN, ABC World News, and ABC Chicago? Check it out!

This man is truly a revolutionary hip-hop ARTIST. And even though he is extremely humble in both appearance and nature, his lyrics are of deep stories that come to you with pain, honesty, and true honor. The music itself you can tell has a large variety of international sounds on top of ill rhymes… which is SOOOOOO DOPE. With the memory of his father at the forefront, the hip-hop community, and THE WORLD behind him, this 26-year old emcee is the Real Deal Holyfield.

Khaled, THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving SpokenFree ENT. this interview and #SHOUTOUT to SWANK PR for the recommendation! You are truly an inspiration and a beautiful human being. Keep Speaking Freely, Godspeed and #GRINDON!



Watch “Can’t Take Our Freedom” and download his music via:

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Shinobi Ninja In YO FACE!!!

This band can be described in one word: BLAOW!!!! If you haven’t heard of Shinobi Ninja, I suggest you check out the interview below that happened right before #CMJ at Artful Dodger to get to know each individual member… The band consists of 6 members: Duke Sims (D.A.) – VOCALS, Baby G – VOCALS, Maniac Mike – GUITAR, Alien Lex – BASS, DJ Axis Powers- TURNTABLES, Terminator Dave–DRUMS…This group makes clash music consisting of rock/metal/punk genres that is now crossing over into hip-hop, which is for lack of a better word, BLAOW!!!! AND I CAN’T BELIEVE I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THEM UNTIL I GOT THERE!!


When you watch the interview, you will find that each member brings a unique facet to the collective and you will feel compelled to just hang out with them for THE REST of your life…LOL.  It’s No WONDER why they have appreciators across the country that follow them from city to city off of the love they have for their music! Their personalities are infectious! They had me laughing the entire time! Their female vocalist, Baby G, has got to be one of the coolest chicks I’ve ever met… Me and Baby G, did our best on-stage Tina Turner shoulder-shrug impressions together inside Artful Dodger… If that’s not sisterhood bonding, I don’t know what is! Be sure to download their latest EP, THE BABY G EP, on

Check out this interview with Shinobi Ninja, Sain, and Lady *O* @ Artful Dodger!

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A Complex young mind is a terrible thing to waste…

One STATEment: ARIZONA… I know what you’re thinking… “Arizona?”…YUP. ARIZONA. This super humble emcee, Complex (formerly known as “Young Juezno”), comes to us from the hot desert state we know as Arizona… And he is indeed a complex individual. At 20 years old, this young man is going through what I’m sure a lot of you emcees go through when you first started out: DOUBT. I know this isn’t a typical piece… That’s the point!! *smacks you upside the back of your head and says DUH!* LOL…

In my opinion, (through this interview at Artful Dodger and having a REALLY deep 4 hour conversation with him), Complex gave us something in this piece that I think a lot of upcoming emcees need to pay attention to and often forget when making the music itself, which is vulnerability. Yeah… every emcee wants to chop off their competitor’s head with intense lyricism like Eminem and Jay-Z. But even Eminem & Jay-Z let us into some places that were really personal and they took the time to develop their skills to be able to communicate their story back to us in a way that we could understand. Complex’s fire and desire is there, and I think you should look out for him in the future… He’s definitely on to something… Complex [I feel] is set out to prove that with great patience and intense focus, you can have the world at your fingertips in an instant if you work hard enough to achieve what seems impossible at the moment and take the time to develop your craft. Don’t take this as a sad and mopey hip-hop story lol, because it’s NOT.  This is the story of how ANYONE who aspires to succeed in this art form can become a hip-hop botanist if they just find the peace in waiting for the seeds they planted, to develop into lyrical fields of bountiful words that might one day feed the mind of the next generation… So when you watch the interview, keep what I just said, in mind… 😉

Download his first project released earlier this year called Common Courtesy  with his partner in crime 3DMAC for FREE 99 below! And MAKE SURE you comment and leave feedback!! He wants to hear what you think!

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Rich P.: Rich in People.

Harlem’s own, Rich P. is on his way to the top… He’s an upcoming independent artist with more than 13,000 views on YouTube on his “Denim from Paris“ (a freestyle off of Jay-Z & Kanye West‘s “N****s In Paris” [#WATCHTHETHRONE], which is a single off his newly released project The Oval Office. <<<[Be SURE TO DOWNLOAD THAT!!! (Link at the bottom)]

This dude knows what he wants and is setting out to get every bit of the success he deserves. Sitting down with him at Artful Dodger was my first time ever meeting him and we listened to some of his latest tracks together to get me acquainted first hand. I definitely think that there is a lot more than meets the eye with Rich P. and you should definitely keep your eye on him and support. Not only is he a good person, he is an honest grinder whose sole mission is to deliver quality music to his appreciators. In the interview below, you get to really feel Rich P. behind the music. And he is performing at a #SecretLocation this week on November 4th, 2011 with Audra The Rapper (, so be sure to follow him on Twitter! (Twitter info below)

#Shoutout to and the whole Nice in Harlem/Life Time Music Group LLC Team!! SpokenFree ENT. appreciates this interview! 😉 and #SHOUTOUT to @ARTFULDODGER & @SainWorld for hookin it up!

Check out the SpokenFree ENT. interview below!

All Videography was done by SpokenFree ENT. Affiliate: @ProductiveRay09 of Productive Lifestyle Group

Go download his latest project The Oval Office for FREE99>> HERE!

And for more info on Rich P., please visit

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Today’s Forecast: Sonni with a Strong Chance of Reign.

What do I want for my hip hop breakfast this morning? Hmm…*ponders* I’d like some Mp3 eggs Sonni side up please!… 😉 Philly’s own, Skinni Sonni… What can I say? I’ve had many a conversation with this man, and let me tell you… He’s a fighter. Skinni Sonni is a visionary in his own right, with his project Cold Pizza and Hot Beer on its way and more videos to come out to YouTube before 2012, this Artful Dodger artist is out to show you he is more than just a fly freestyler. You’ve seen him perform in our #CLUSTERFUCK footage at Artful Dodger/Rocawear with Donny Goines, and now he’s going to be performing at NYC’s S.O.B.’s on November 8th alongside Donny Goines with LOTS of surprises going down THAT evening, so MAKE SURE you are at S.O.B.’s on November 8th!!! IT’S GOING DOWN!!! And we’ll be bringing you the footage!

  Check out this SpokenFree ENT. interview @ Artful Dodger with Skinni Sonni & Netic of Game Rebellion..

 P.S. Crazy note on this piece, not even 3 minutes after Netic put his feet up on the table… Jay-Z (Mr. Carter himself) knocked on the glass and scared us all real quick to nicely tell him to remove his feet from the table. Although, Jay wasn’t caught on film, you’ll know it was real when you watch the interview. LOL.  Netic is quite the character!, BUT he is a SERIOUS performer… Game Rebellion TRULY is an experience you will NEVER forget. If you haven’t seen it, check out the previous post on The Oxymorrons STFU Album Release Party and this recap link below because you will see FIRST HAND what Game Rebellion is ALLLLL About. >>>

Watch Skinni Sonni perform “This is Why I Grind” @ #CLUSTERFUCK… This song is truly an underground favorite of mine…

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#NYC serves us some Hip Hop mystery pie…Got MiLK?

Now before I get this piece started, I would like to #SHOUTOUT Mac Miller and say, THIS is what happens when you inspire other people and future artists… And I hope you check these 2 out. Your song “Donald Trump” inspired something new… Which is something I didn’t even think or know was even possible with that track because I think that “Donald Trump” will be a new school hip hop classic. But even the MiLKMEN track came out genius in my opinion. It’s a FREE DOWNLOAD BTW… So “Don’t Hate,… Appreciate!” LOL…It’s ALL LOVE. Check it out in the beginning of the video and to hear the whole track (And NO, I will not tell you the title. Just Click the link! LOL!) you can check out this direct link:

Here’s the Interview:

As I took the M train to Queens, (a train I’ve only taken ONCE literally in my ENTIRE LIFE during my freshman year of H.S…LOL), I met up with this dynamic duo, The MiLKMEN, who I found on thanks to a certain elementary school pal who tries to ignore me in real life…LOL. It’s cool tho… Thanks Friend and Thank You Facebook for showing me who my friends listen to! 😀 <- My Sarcastic “Sheldon Smile”… (That’s a #BBT reference for all my geeks out there..)


ANYWAY, LOL, these two are quite the characters…

  Red and Ty Philly are all about loving music and life. They remind me of a new age and even more chill version of Redman and Method Man in personality. Red hails from Astoria, Queens while Ty Philly hails from my home of L.E.S., NYC.  I had a blast kickin’ it and chopping it up with these guys… They are eclectic in sound, real at heart, and are about nothing but love and appreciation for other artists and entrepreneurs who reciprocate those same ideals. Not to mention, complete goofballs like myself… LOL. *Roll the footage…LOL*

They are in the process of narrowing down their long catalog of tracks for their first official album  “Far From Perfect” (Release Date TBA).  So far, they have released 5 mixtapes on Their most recent works are “The Preview EP” and “The 2nd Preview“. These 2 mixtapes were supposed to be the precursors to “Far From Perfect“…However, since the catalog is SO long and they are still sifting and creating, the track listing is likely to change at random.

Which is what they are all about! Random. They like that you never know what you are going to get with the MiLKMEN. You could get Whole, Skim, 2%, Soy… LMAO!… J/k… But all jokes aside, (MUSICALLY speaking) you could get a rock influence, club/house influence, R&B, Soul, Old School, anything… For them, the options are endless when it comes to mood…And you can already tell by the way the beginning and end of the video interview sounds.  BTW!  The last song in the footage is called “ALL DAY” which can be found INSTANTLY by clicking the link below at the end of this post. Doesn’t that bang? (Make sure you leave comments on that.)

I hope that the video interview helps you piece together what they are like as people and not just as artists. I think you should check them out and get to know them, because there is WAY more to come!  As far as I’m concerned “M.I.L.K.”means “My.Imagination.Leads.Kreativity.“… Because for them, it’s all about creating and love of the process of exploring your imagination when making music for the future that you are passionate about.

Shouldn’t that be what ALL Hip-Hop is about?

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