The Boy Illinois Making Illi-noise in NYC

Chicago emcee, The Boy Illinois, paid a visit to my hometown of NYC  for his Shade45 in the Morning interview with Sway Calloway. Illi was gracious enough to bless us with an interview at The Roger Smith Hotel to talk about his latest project, The Memoirs of Gilbert Gastón, which was amazingly completely manufactured by the one and only Ambulance Factory. The music on this tape is fresh! Lots of jewels were dropped, there is a lot of life to learn off of this album, and you can hear the progression from the Inhale Series finale: Inhale Pt. 4: Horai.

So PAY ATTENTION!!! You already know Illi doesn’t like to “Say 2 Much“… LOL. 😉 Watch the interview here!

Make sure you hit the album cover to download the album for the FREE99!!


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Written by: Lady *O*

Today’s Forecast: Sonni with a Strong Chance of Reign.

What do I want for my hip hop breakfast this morning? Hmm…*ponders* I’d like some Mp3 eggs Sonni side up please!… 😉 Philly’s own, Skinni Sonni… What can I say? I’ve had many a conversation with this man, and let me tell you… He’s a fighter. Skinni Sonni is a visionary in his own right, with his project Cold Pizza and Hot Beer on its way and more videos to come out to YouTube before 2012, this Artful Dodger artist is out to show you he is more than just a fly freestyler. You’ve seen him perform in our #CLUSTERFUCK footage at Artful Dodger/Rocawear with Donny Goines, and now he’s going to be performing at NYC’s S.O.B.’s on November 8th alongside Donny Goines with LOTS of surprises going down THAT evening, so MAKE SURE you are at S.O.B.’s on November 8th!!! IT’S GOING DOWN!!! And we’ll be bringing you the footage!

  Check out this SpokenFree ENT. interview @ Artful Dodger with Skinni Sonni & Netic of Game Rebellion..

 P.S. Crazy note on this piece, not even 3 minutes after Netic put his feet up on the table… Jay-Z (Mr. Carter himself) knocked on the glass and scared us all real quick to nicely tell him to remove his feet from the table. Although, Jay wasn’t caught on film, you’ll know it was real when you watch the interview. LOL.  Netic is quite the character!, BUT he is a SERIOUS performer… Game Rebellion TRULY is an experience you will NEVER forget. If you haven’t seen it, check out the previous post on The Oxymorrons STFU Album Release Party and this recap link below because you will see FIRST HAND what Game Rebellion is ALLLLL About. >>>

Watch Skinni Sonni perform “This is Why I Grind” @ #CLUSTERFUCK… This song is truly an underground favorite of mine…

All Videography was done by SpokenFree ENT. Affiliate: @ProductiveRay09 of Productive Lifestyle Group

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Lady *O*

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He’s as Cold as “Black Ice”… Have you gone ILL yet?

You can’t say The Boy Illinois without saying the word ILL. Lol. Coming from the Chi to represent in NYC at Santos Party House and opening up for Maino with Jist & Iron Solomon, The Boy Illinois came to NY and SHUT IT DOWN! Doing tracks off his latest mixtape: The Inhale Part 4: Horai. Production is super dope on this project and he has some really interesting stories that you should really enjoy listening to among some BANGERS that you are sure to rock back and forth bopping hard to… Like I Did. LOL.

The Boy Illinois gave us nothing but heart on stage… And I’m proud of him. Rockin’ Santos with joints like “January 4th”, “Black Ice “,(my 2 personal Faves>>)” Right Around Spring“ featuring Rel, Tre-Style, and Melanie Richelle & “Leap Year” ft. Asia Monique . His most recent released track “Yer“ is currently featured  on @DJEnuff‘s website this week! (  Illi is doing his THANG! When we shot this interview, it was the second time I got to hang out with our homie and we were in the heart of Chinatown with the NYC street lights peering down by Canal St., waiting to go inside and watch Illi throw down. Even his cousin flew down from Chicago to come see her fam bam get it in… And I don’t blame her, I promised Illi when we hung out the first time in NYC that I wouldn’t miss it for the world. And… IT… WAS… DOPE! And watch the interview to see who The Boy Illinois wants to work with!!

Check out our quick SpokenFree ENT. interview before the Santos show with The Boy Illinois on the streets of NYC.>>

This Video above & Photography below was done by @ProductiveRay09 of Productive Lifestyle Group, an Official Affiliate of SpokenFree ENT.

And if you want to check out The Boy Illinois’s first visit to NYC, check out this freestyle for that was done  after The Boy Illinois’s freestyle on MTV Raps in front of Jim Jones, Maino, and hosted by MTVs Sway Calloway… “You GO, BOY!” *she says in her Gina voice* …LOL Thanks for the interview Illi, and we know we don’t have to say it, but you know SpokenFree ENT. has maddd love for you and what you do! 😉 ❤

Download Inhale Pt. 4: Horai via here:

 To know more about The Boy Illinois check out his website:

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Lady *O* 

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MTV’s Sway Calloway Chats with Lady *O* at the @STFU LP

MTV’S own SWAY, gives us a quick interview in the cut of Artful Dodger/Rocawear (after hosting the OxyMorrons #STFU and Listen Album Release Party) and gives you guys a hip hop history lesson in expressing yourself as an artist and a person creatively… I think you ABSOLUTELY need to check this out, for all of you thinking outside the box and for those who were wondering over the years like I was, What the HELL is under that damn cap he always wears?!…LMAO.. This one is for you….Check it out Below… 😉

Ahh Sway… Man, I LOVE this guy… In the footage I take us BOTH back down memory lane… I met Sway when I was 15 in Penn Station during one of the popular holidays and just gave him a casual “Wassup and Where you goin?” and because Sway is SUCH A COOL DUDE, he responded with he was on his way to Philly… And I wished him a nice trip/Happy Holiday and he went on his merry way.. NOW… LOL… In the footage, SWAY being the funny guy that he is, *side eye..LOL.. proceeds to joke with me about that day… Mr. Calloway is and has always been one of the top 5 people I’ve always wanted to meet… Sway, you are EXACTLY as cool as I imagined you’d be and I think you’re the kind of guy that really can’t be anything else BUT cool. The person cool enough to blend in, but dope enough to stand out. I ❤ you Sway… You’re Awesome. Thanks for bringing me full circle, it was truly an honor and a dream come true. That really made my night! =D


Written by: @TheLadyOShow

All Video was done by SpokenFree ENT. Affiliate: @ProductiveRay09 of Productive Lifestyle Group

The OxyMorrons…<—All You need to know is: THEY ROCK!


The OxyMorrons consist of this DOPEASS DUO >>K.I. and his brother, D. If you saw these 2 brothers walking down the street, you would either think they owned something really expensive lowkey, OR that they were a part of Louis Farrakhan’s team. LOL… Which I think is an oxymoron all in itself…(Crazy ass split screen I just gave you right?..LOL) BUT WHEN THEY PERFORM?!!! OHH. MYYY. GOD! It WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! They are a PRIME EXAMPLE of NEVER judging a book by it’s cover… Because you would make a COMPLETE ASS out of yourself.

 The Oxymorrons threw their #STFU and Listen Album Release Party @ Artful Dodger Hosted by MTV’s & Shade 45’s Sway Calloway co-hosted both musically and on the mic by female disc jockey extraordinaire, DJ SWHIT on the 1’s and 2’s. Their opening act was none other than the INFAMOUS baddest band on the planet… GAME REBELLION! (P.s. Look them up… THEY’RE INSANE!!!) After we got done being in the midst of a MOSH PIT… That’s right… MOSH PIT…LMAO…(Check the photos below) we enjoyed the eclectic, clash, hip- hop wonderfulness of the OxyMorrons… You should ABSOLUTELY download #STFU and Listen, not just because it’s FREE99 on  RIGHT NOW!!!!!!  BUT, because it’s 1000% FEEL GOOD MUSIC from a healthy place. K.I. graciously gave me an interview when he came to support Cassey Veggies… LOVE YOU K.I.!

These guys put on ONE HELL OF A SHOW in SUITS! High energy, love, and deep fun through heavy instrumentation and amazing and unique lyrical ability. I EFFING LOVE THESE GUYS! Check out the interview with clips from the #STFUAL Album Release Party @ Artful Dodger… Absolute DOPENESS. *Clap it up for The OxyMorrons!* Go Support them TODAY on and DOWNLOAD #STFU and Listen Hosted By: DJ SWHIT.

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Written by: @TheLadyOShow

All Photography & Video done by SpokenFree ENT. Affiliate: @ProductiveRay09 of Productive Lifestyle Group

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