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Straight out of Cali, Bad Newsz Greatest is bringing you the raw beginnings of his newest project, I Live Forever, the follow up and trilogy to the amazing D.R.U.G.S. Pt. 1 & D.R.U.G.S. Pt. 2 which were featured on both DJBooth.net and Datpiff.com. Bad Newsz was also featured this year as one of the key featured Cali artists played on The Lady *O* Show: Where The Music Speaks For Itself © Season 4 in New York City, of which he received rave reviews from both the in-studio audience as well as the Ustream.tv T.L.O.S. Fambase.

With his unique tone of voice and clever music choices that reflect his knowledge of hip hop history, he’s at it again with this new single “That Forever Life“.  The track offers a slight alternative feel, a heavy knock n’ bop, with a side of the female vocal samplings of Lana Del Rey’s “Off To The Races“. This is just a small taste of Bad’s true skills in a 2-minute time frame with no hook and continuous trill west coast rhymes. B.N.G. held back lyrically a little bit on this one (in my opinion lol), but as we know, B.N.G. always has a reason for everything he creates.  When it comes to entire projects as a whole, Bad Newsz is known for his consistency, cohesiveness, hidden jewel-dropping, and ability to let you into his world… And I’m sure I Live Forever will be no different. 😉

Download:That Forever Lifevia http://www.sharebeast.com/i1mskhbocclu

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Felicia “Lady *O*” Owen


PHENOMenal Man… That is He.

Man… It’s been a long time coming for this post thanks to technical difficulties for the last month with Apple. *sigh*… BUT! I’m happy to post this and honored. Thank You for your patience in advance! I’m SOOOO HAPPY to FINALLY post this!!!


This is an interview you can learn A LOT from. So to all the unsigned artists out there, this interview will inspire you. I encourage you to listen to what he’s saying and then watch him in action freestyling at the end of the interview… Get ‘Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed‘ (#CMDGF) on iTunes>>http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/closed-mouf-dont-get-fed/id489662674

Phenom is an INCREDIBLE talent from Chicago and he was gracious enough in his stop in NYC to come sit down with me and allow me to get myself formally introduced. Wonderful person, great lyricist, and hard working individual. #Shoutout to everybody in Chicago… This one is DEFINITELY for you!  Did I mention he can sing, beatbox, and do spoken word?… Oh yeah… *nods*… He’s the truth.

P.s. Be sure to check out #13 ‘Get in The Game’ on #CMDGF… That’s a personal favorite of mine… 😉

Watch this all the way to the end… Trust me on this.

Then watch this special treat….

Phenom: 7 Deadly Sins (#CMDGF)

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Lady *O*

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Bright Lights… #PURPLE City

  J………D……..P   *she says in her “Rebecca Romijn” voice* LOL!

  Let’s just say “Poppa’s got a brand new bag!” Flying in from the Chi to NY to be at the event of the season, #CMJ, JDP came to NYC bringing “the Cold”. At the penthouse of the Thompson Hotel with 180 degrees of Uptown and Downtown New York Cityscapes to view from the bar, JDP shined royal #PURPLE (even with the no sound check circumstances he was given) at the CMJ Music Dealers Showcase performing tracks from his latest EP, The Legend of Goodfoot Jones, (Which was COMPLETELY produced by D.C. (Dutch Cannon) of FlyyCity MG… His first performance was of my FAVORITE song labeled as the Roman numeral 1. “I” (chorus “Clouds in My Coffee”)… (GOD I LOVE THAT SONG! LOL!). He continued his set with tracks from his summer mixtape release from 2011: Where Anything Goes Pt. 2 such as “Rebecca Romijn“… Along with a special treat from his unreleased, upcoming, and FIRST album EVER, PURPLE, called “Girls to the Floor”, which is set to be released at the end of 2011 or the very spawn of 2012. He rocked it out! Not to mention, the evening couldn’t be more meant to be for a JDP performance, then to have the Empire State Building LIT in PURPLE lights that evening right BEHIND the stage… Talk about an omen with an Empire STATEment, huh?! And let’s not forget that JDP’s song “Circa 87” featuring Adam Tensta was picked up by Coca Cola’s COKE ZERO as part of their “Make Your Own Dance” Campaign!! Check out the advertisement for it right here! >>> 

In the #CMJ crowd showing support for one of their own, FlyyCity Media Group’s Co-manager Stefan and (producer) Traxxion, along with Chicago’s Own: Young Live & Dom P., DJ Earn Money, and Hustle Simmons stopped through to show him some love from Chi-City… I told you we were building a bridge, didn’t I?… Well! *shrugs and smiles*…

Check out the interview we acquired in the Rocawear/Artful Dodger offices the day before #CMJ after we got through kickin’ it with Shinobi Ninja…

 JDP, keep shinin’ baby!

All Videography & Photography was done by SpokenFree ENT. Affiliate: @ProductiveRay09 of Productive Lifestyle Group

Download The Legend of Goodfoot Jones here: http://www.mediafire.com/?35x1ty9cx6c3uhk#1

Download Where Anything Goes Pt. 2 here: http://thisisjdp.bandcamp.com/

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 Lady *O*

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SpokenFree ENT. & Uncut Magazine’s Lady *O* Interviews The Nappy Roots!!

On  August 23rd, 2011, it was a historic day for Hip Hop and the World. Not only did the Earth shake Virginia with a 5.8 magnitude earthquake that had tremors that I felt ALL THE WAY in New Jersey LOL (California is absolutely on my list of places to NEVER move to after that by the way…LOL), but the boardroom at Universal Music Group shook with the vibrations of GREATNESS from The Nappy Roots’ new album, NAPPY DOT ORG, which is releasing in stores September 27, 2011. This album was hosted by The Nappy Roots & Rico Wade of Organized Noize (#SHOUTOUT TO The Dungeon Family!) I am BEYOND grateful to GOD that He didn’t allow me to MISS THIS Listening Session!, because THESE guys are truly people I now LOVE on a deeper level and are the nicest people I’ve ever met! SpokenFree ENT. & Uncut Magazine regards The Nappy Roots as their lifelong Southern kinfolk because we are absolutely on the SAME PAGE when it comes to Hip Hop. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! ❤

Check out the interview with SpokenFreeENT’s Lady *O* & The Nappy Roots:

Footage by: Ray Rodriguez (@ProductiveRay09)

 NOW, when I say this album is AMAZING… it’s AMAAAAZING! Not only was the ENTIRE Nappy Roots crew present and accounted for at UMG, but Rico Wade of Organized Noize was on the conference speakerphone listening along and giving us some insight into what it was like working with these guys. He expressed what each song meant not just to him, but what each one of The Nappy Roots members brought to each track. Big V., made one thing VERY clear before we started listening to the album… "This album is the combining of 2 super powers…Kentucky & Atlanta… And we are bringing respect BACK to the South.”… Rico said via the phone, "THIS IS Southern Hip Hop." <- He ain’t NEVA LIED! LOL

The first track played was “Legends Live On”,and it’s truly a track that proves that no matter if you THOUGHT The Nappy Roots disappeared, fell off, or broke up,.. You are DEAD WRONG. The Legend of The Nappy Roots has BEEN living on… You just gotta catch up! LOL. Track 2: “Return of the Country Boyz” is a BANGER! It’s produced by Mr. DJ, who is the cousin of Rico Wade (but not affiliated with Organized Noize) T.N.R. said  “We wanted to keep it COUNTRY”… They succeeded BIG TIME! Track 3: “Easy Money”, Big V. says “If you doin’ what you love, it seems easy… We love our job.” Rico: “Organized Noize + The Nappy Roots= Easy Money”… And the track definitely has the eclectic vibes reminiscent of Outkast…  It’s DEFINITELY a party song for the entrepreneurial spirit.

The 3 tracks already released online are: “Hey Love” ft. Samuel Christian (The very 1st song released off NAPPYDOTORG), which is B. Stille‘s FAVORITE track on the album and he defines it as “A relationship break up song told from a male point of view about how you think a person is good for you but they’re not.” (I think this track is genius! #JUSTSAYIN.. AND it is ALSO a personal FAVE!), “Y’all Party” which is a club record Rico fought to put on the album that defines what a good time is like with The Nappy Roots, and “Congratulations”, which is motivation, appreciation, and remembrance for the life you continue to live, have lived, and fought to keep going through all the adversity you might have ever faced.

Amongst the boardroom at UMG the favorites were: “Pete Rose” ft. Khujo Goodie, which is a street cut, Big V. explained “is based on the baseball player Pete Rose who played for the Cincinnati Reds and got caught gambling and more specifically, betting on himself to win.” This track tells the story of a Hustler. “Give Me a Sign” (Ray Murray of Organized Noize sung the hook), talks about self-doubt on the way to the finish line to success when you KNOW you are doing what you were born to do… “Good & Evil”, which Rico explains is a track where he was “as weird as I wanna be” as a producer…LOL…It’s also track that Rico says “might be an “Acquired Taste.”” (Rico… I LOVED IT!) This track is for those who struggle with choice, identity, and integrity when it comes to Hip Hop… showing that the hard work WILL pay off as long as the truth is consistently involved.

And last but not least, MY other 2 PERSONAL FAVORITES: “Karma”, which speaks for itself audibly but Big V. said it best: “You gotta have your positive and negative situated when it comes to Karma”… #BACKGROUND: The hook for this track was written AFTER everyone’s verses were put down! (Crazy, right?? You could never tell listening to it!) and “Nappy U Here”, which I also agree with Rico AGAIN when he said “This reminds me of Tribe Called Quest” (Rico HIMSELF is on the hook), showcases how close of a bond The Nappy Roots have with each other. You can hear the appreciation and love they have for each other as a group and even more so as a band of brothers.

I’ll put it to you this way, FROM NOW ON, when I have to give an example of GREAT SOUTHERN HIP HOP , The Nappy Roots are my NUMBER 1 recommendation!  These gentlemen put their blood, sweat, tears, heart, and soul both individually AND collectively into this album… And I say ABSOLUTELY GO BUY the NAPPY DOT ORG album 9/27 when it drops! It’s worth EVERY CENT! Follow @NappyRoots on Twitter!!!

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Photography by: Ray Rodriguez (@ProductiveRay09)

Written by: Lady *O* (@THELADYOSHOW)

#NYC serves us some Hip Hop mystery pie…Got MiLK?

Now before I get this piece started, I would like to #SHOUTOUT Mac Miller and say, THIS is what happens when you inspire other people and future artists… And I hope you check these 2 out. Your song “Donald Trump” inspired something new… Which is something I didn’t even think or know was even possible with that track because I think that “Donald Trump” will be a new school hip hop classic. But even the MiLKMEN track came out genius in my opinion. It’s a FREE DOWNLOAD BTW… So “Don’t Hate,… Appreciate!” LOL…It’s ALL LOVE. Check it out in the beginning of the video and to hear the whole track (And NO, I will not tell you the title. Just Click the link! LOL!) you can check out this direct HotNewHipHop.com link:  http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/en/play/s/3ed5afb-324285/

Here’s the Interview:

As I took the M train to Queens, (a train I’ve only taken ONCE literally in my ENTIRE LIFE during my freshman year of H.S…LOL), I met up with this dynamic duo, The MiLKMEN, who I found on HotNewHipHop.com thanks to a certain elementary school pal who tries to ignore me in real life…LOL. It’s cool tho… Thanks Friend and Thank You Facebook for showing me who my friends listen to! 😀 <- My Sarcastic “Sheldon Smile”… (That’s a #BBT reference for all my geeks out there..)


ANYWAY, LOL, these two are quite the characters…

  Red and Ty Philly are all about loving music and life. They remind me of a new age and even more chill version of Redman and Method Man in personality. Red hails from Astoria, Queens while Ty Philly hails from my home of L.E.S., NYC.  I had a blast kickin’ it and chopping it up with these guys… They are eclectic in sound, real at heart, and are about nothing but love and appreciation for other artists and entrepreneurs who reciprocate those same ideals. Not to mention, complete goofballs like myself… LOL. *Roll the footage…LOL*

They are in the process of narrowing down their long catalog of tracks for their first official album  “Far From Perfect” (Release Date TBA).  So far, they have released 5 mixtapes on HotNewHipHop.com. Their most recent works are “The Preview EP” and “The 2nd Preview“. These 2 mixtapes were supposed to be the precursors to “Far From Perfect“…However, since the catalog is SO long and they are still sifting and creating, the track listing is likely to change at random.

Which is what they are all about! Random. They like that you never know what you are going to get with the MiLKMEN. You could get Whole, Skim, 2%, Soy… LMAO!… J/k… But all jokes aside, (MUSICALLY speaking) you could get a rock influence, club/house influence, R&B, Soul, Old School, anything… For them, the options are endless when it comes to mood…And you can already tell by the way the beginning and end of the video interview sounds.  BTW!  The last song in the footage is called “ALL DAY” which can be found INSTANTLY by clicking the HotNewHipHop.com link below at the end of this post. Doesn’t that bang? (Make sure you leave comments on that.)

I hope that the video interview helps you piece together what they are like as people and not just as artists. I think you should check them out and get to know them, because there is WAY more to come!  As far as I’m concerned “M.I.L.K.”means “My.Imagination.Leads.Kreativity.“… Because for them, it’s all about creating and love of the process of exploring your imagination when making music for the future that you are passionate about.

Shouldn’t that be what ALL Hip-Hop is about?

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Written by: Lady *O*

Check them out on HotNewHipHop.com:  http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/MiLKMEN/profile/

And Like them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/MiLKMEN-Music/109950952371076

Follow them on Twitter: @MiLKMENMusic

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