EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Lady *O* & DJ Mia Moretti #VH1 #MasterOfTheMix

If you don’t know, come this Monday 4/1/13 at 10PM EST, @VH1 is launching the new season of the highly acclaimed DJ competition, Master Of The Mix!! (Follow @MasterOfTheMix on Twitter!!) The show is in it’s 3rd season now, and not only do they have the INCREDIBLE DJ Amanda Seales hosting the show (YAYYYY!!!! I LOVE HER!!! :-)), but they also have the incomparable and LEGENDARY Kid Capri, Ben Maddahi, Jenny Costa, and the woman whom this post is dedicated to, DJ Mia Moretti.. Who did a CRAZY INCREDIBLE SET to set the tone for the evening, with electric violinist Caitlin Moe! (Caitlin, …Girl… YOU ROCKED IT!!!! Absolutely DOPE!) Follow her on Twitter as well!!>>(@CaitlinMoe)

This event was one I will never forget. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, was really personable and such sweethearts!!! We were having just an amazing time at the Marquee nightclub in NYC this past Wednesday, which was sponsored by @Smirnoff!  I was blessed to grab one of the ONLY interviews done that night, with the extremely DOPE … DJ Mia Moretti. Watch the exclusive interview with Made in The City Inc.’s Lady *O*  & Judge/Dj Mia Moretti below!! Follow her on Twitter @MiaMoretti and make sure you watch Master Of The Mix on Monday 4/1/13 @ 10PM EST!! You are NOT gonna want to miss this season!! Be sure to check out our recap post coming up this week with exclusive pictures and footage of all the DJs/Judges of Master Of The Mix doing their RIDICULOUSLY ILL sets on the stage at Marquee Nightclub in NYC!! You do NOT want to miss clicking that post! Keep up with @MadeInTheCityTs and @TheLadyOShow to stay on top of the blog exclusives on Twitter!

Dear Ms. Moretti, Made In The City Inc. loves you and thanks you for giving us this opportunity to speak with you. You had such a warm spirit and your set that evening with was amazing!!! You are an incredible talent and person. We hope to see you again in the near future!!


Felicia Lady *O* ” Owen

Written by: Lady *O*

HUGE shoutout to Loui Bond of Lou Films for an AMAZING job on the videography! Follow him on twitter! @LouiBond AND Shoutout to @SainWorld for the opportunity!

#ATIorDIE… That is ALL. You’ve Been Warned.

This post right here??!! LOL. You need to check out this highly anticipated mixtape by the VA fam: Aspire To Inspire MG aka #ATIorDIE… Consisting of Intalek, Meeze, Motive, Basic, Lewsid, Ready Rell, Stretch Dollaz, and Stacks Miller…. This latest project, #orDie, brings the entire gang together (FINALLY!! Because I have been waiting for this moment FOREVER!!! ….Sorry, That’s the DIE HARD ATI Honorary member inside me talking..LOL) after some of the members of the group independently pursued their own projects in the previous years before 2012. It also has a feature from another VA native: TV.

I AM SOOOOO excited for this!!  Thank you to Team ATI for giving us an exclusive listen to the album! I will say not only does this album have a lot of BANGERS but lyrically this is like listening to a New Age WuTang Clan from Virginia. LOL. I sincerely mean that in the sense of there are a lot of members and each of them bring their own lyrical fire to the project…It has a lot of character. The #orDIE project drops Jan. 22, 2013!! So we have 2.5 more weeks to go!! Stay Tuned to Twitter for the link 1/22/13 via the #ATI team’s twitters at the conclusion of this post!

In the words of the great B.A.S.I.C. of #ATI: “Spread the word, tell a friend… Good Music is BACK IN!!…”

Front Cover

#orDIE Front

Back Cover

#orDIE Back

Also while you’re waiting on the #orDie project to drop, you can pick up Intalek’s latest mix tape, WRKD, in which he pays homage to one of his favorite producers, Chuck Inglish. Which you can click the cover below to download for the Free99!! 😉 DOPENESS I tell you… Just DOPENESS.

Intalek WRKD

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Written by @TheLadyOShow

PHENOMenal Man… That is He.

Man… It’s been a long time coming for this post thanks to technical difficulties for the last month with Apple. *sigh*… BUT! I’m happy to post this and honored. Thank You for your patience in advance! I’m SOOOO HAPPY to FINALLY post this!!!


This is an interview you can learn A LOT from. So to all the unsigned artists out there, this interview will inspire you. I encourage you to listen to what he’s saying and then watch him in action freestyling at the end of the interview… Get ‘Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed‘ (#CMDGF) on iTunes>>http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/closed-mouf-dont-get-fed/id489662674

Phenom is an INCREDIBLE talent from Chicago and he was gracious enough in his stop in NYC to come sit down with me and allow me to get myself formally introduced. Wonderful person, great lyricist, and hard working individual. #Shoutout to everybody in Chicago… This one is DEFINITELY for you!  Did I mention he can sing, beatbox, and do spoken word?… Oh yeah… *nods*… He’s the truth.

P.s. Be sure to check out #13 ‘Get in The Game’ on #CMDGF… That’s a personal favorite of mine… 😉

Watch this all the way to the end… Trust me on this.

Then watch this special treat….

Phenom: 7 Deadly Sins (#CMDGF)

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Lady *O*

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Can you tell me how to get…How to get to Gree-e-een Street? *In the Sesame Street tune*


* She is SO THRILLED you asked!*

It’s right on INCREDIBLE Ave. …


When I say that this group has become an all-time favorite of mine… I REALLY MEAN IT! *She sings in her Dipset voice* The group consists of  A-Live, Soupa, Renaissance (producer) & Snaxx, and you just can’t get anymore eclectic in sound when it comes to these guys. With a third of the group hailing from Boston and the other 2/3 from Brooklyn, NYC, The Green Street gang brings you sounds that are classy, funny, motivational, and completely feel good. Grouping jazz influences from afro-beats, salsa, house, and Japanese club vibes with an innovative hip-hop twist… their sound stands in a class all its own. I’m SOOO HAPPY we got a chance to interview them right before they left for Japan!!!… I was TOO GEEKED! LOL.

Watch the SpokenFree ENT. Phone interview with Green Street:

All Videography above was done by SpokenFree ENT. Affiliate: @ProductiveRay09 of Productive Lifestyle Group

I heard their newest project Endless Summer through DJBooth.net and haven’t been able to stop playing it since the day I downloaded it. Their first project, Don’t Look Down, was released in April 2011 and they are currently in Japan on tour! HOW BO$$ IS THAT?! This group deserves every ounce of success they have acquired and I know I’ll probably be downloading Green Street albums for the rest of my LIFE! (You can quote me on that. I’ll never deny it…LOL..;-))


To the Green Street gang, Thanks for doing my first SpokenFree ENT. phone interview and I hope to meet you when you get back because I want to hear ALL ABOUT Japan and I HAVE TO go see you LIVE! This meant a lot to me as an appreciator and a consumer. And i’ll be consuming Green Street FOREVER!!!

Go DOWNLOAD Green Street’s Endless Summer for FREE!. RIGHT NOW !..via DJBooth.net below:


And you can download their previous album Don’t Look Down via their website:


Follow The ENTIRE Green Street Gang on Twitter:





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CMJ Fashionista? … THANKS! ;-)

This blog post is more of a #SHOUTOUT than a post.

As you might have seen earlier in the posts, we did posts on Shinobi Ninja and JDP in conjunction with CMJ. BUT what I DIDN’T say… was that someone blogged about ME @ CMJ. LMAO. Who knew I was interesting to others? LOL. *Shrugs*

#SHOUTOUT to www.buisandwhistles.com‘s Andrew Bui for blogging about ya girl’s fashion sense at CMJ! I truly appreciate you and it was a pleasure meeting you! I figured I would return the favor and blog back because I have PICTURES of us TOGETHER! Check out these photos below… Please note the shirt I am wearing is one of SpokenFree ENT’s TryFacta Tee: “ENTREPRONEGRO” and it can be purchased via our website www.spokenfree.us in the shop. 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All Photography ABOVE was done by SpokenFree ENT. Affiliate: @ProductiveRay09 of Productive Lifestyle Group

and check out the blog photo feature Buis and Whistles did on me and the CMJ Fashionistas of the evening BELOW! 😉



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J.F. Brooks: The Sequel

So for this piece on J.F. Brooks, we have the MicBooth.com camp to thank and I am SO happy and grateful to get the opportunity to share this individual with you all. Some of you might know J.F. Brooks from a documentary called The Hip Hop Project, which was executive produced by Bruce Willis ( I know right?? You’re probably like, “I KNEW he was cool as hell for a reason!” Yup… Mr. Willis is a real live Hip-Hop advocate yall… ) and Queen Latifah back in 2006. It was also backed by the godfather of Hip Hop, Russell Simmons. If you haven’t seen it, it’s pretty AMAZING.

Art Start is the organization it was based on which was founded by Chris “Kazi” Rolle and it focused on doing what we always speak about in discussions concerning hip-hop, AUTHENTICITY and LYRICISM. Kazi wanted to help the youth by giving them an outlet to express their challenging lives through our beloved craft, Hip Hop. J.F. Brooks was one of those who participated and was up for the challenge. You can catch The Hip Hop Project on the Sundance channel periodically, check your local listings. *she says in her cable Tv announcer voice*… LOL. 😉

But I digress, what you might not have picked up on was that J.F. Brooks aka JerzyFromBrooklyn is a military man who served our country, toured in Iraq, and is now a married family man. With his album Undeniable already released on the internet and his resume consisting of doing shows at tons of venues everywhere, J.F. Brooks is the dark horse in this race to the top. Not to mention, this man is also multi-talented… dabbling in graphic design and photography. When you listen to Undeniable, you can hear the ol’ skool Brooklyn flavor and the new skool way of thinking. Not to mention, IT’S A RIDICULOUSLY ILL LISTEN!!, if you are a person who appreciates underground hip hop at its fines. This joint is a MUST HAVE and if it was a book, it would be a GREAT READ and maybe even a BEST SELLER.

P.S. It’s always nice to know someone who has a similar background as yourself, because I too am a person born of NY and raised in New Jersey. So as you “young people” say these days, “That s*** Cray”. LMAO. *she says poking a lil fun at the 90s babies*

Check out this SpokenFree ENT. Interview with J.F. Brooks below!

All Videography was done by SpokenFree ENT. Affiliate: @ProductiveRay09 of Productive Lifestyle Group

J.F. Brooks completely represents everything that we, at SpokenFree ENT. , always try to convey. Which is that without us supporting each other, NONE of us will win… Egos are counterproductive, and right now it’s all about getting back to the beginning…THANKS FOR GIVING SPOKENFREE ENT. THIS INTERVIEW MR. BROOKS! 😀

Support J.F. Brooks’s team BigCity BigCity Inc… and check out his website >>


DON’T FORGET TO DOWNLOAD his album Undeniable below! FREE DOWNLOAD! >> http://jfbrooks.bandcamp.com/album/undeniable

Follow J.F. Brooks on Twitter: @JF_Brooks

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Shinobi Ninja In YO FACE!!!

This band can be described in one word: BLAOW!!!! If you haven’t heard of Shinobi Ninja, I suggest you check out the interview below that happened right before #CMJ at Artful Dodger to get to know each individual member… The band consists of 6 members: Duke Sims (D.A.) – VOCALS, Baby G – VOCALS, Maniac Mike – GUITAR, Alien Lex – BASS, DJ Axis Powers- TURNTABLES, Terminator Dave–DRUMS…This group makes clash music consisting of rock/metal/punk genres that is now crossing over into hip-hop, which is for lack of a better word, BLAOW!!!! AND I CAN’T BELIEVE I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THEM UNTIL I GOT THERE!!


When you watch the interview, you will find that each member brings a unique facet to the collective and you will feel compelled to just hang out with them for THE REST of your life…LOL.  It’s No WONDER why they have appreciators across the country that follow them from city to city off of the love they have for their music! Their personalities are infectious! They had me laughing the entire time! Their female vocalist, Baby G, has got to be one of the coolest chicks I’ve ever met… Me and Baby G, did our best on-stage Tina Turner shoulder-shrug impressions together inside Artful Dodger… If that’s not sisterhood bonding, I don’t know what is! Be sure to download their latest EP, THE BABY G EP, on www.ShinobiNinja.com

Check out this interview with Shinobi Ninja, Sain, and Lady *O* @ Artful Dodger!

All Videography was done by SpokenFree ENT. Affiliate: @ProductiveRay09 of Productive Lifestyle Group

Check out their music and latest videos>> via www.shinobininja.com

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#SHOUTOUT to @ARTFULDODGER &@SainWorld for hookin it up!

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