EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Lady *O* & DJ Mia Moretti #VH1 #MasterOfTheMix

If you don’t know, come this Monday 4/1/13 at 10PM EST, @VH1 is launching the new season of the highly acclaimed DJ competition, Master Of The Mix!! (Follow @MasterOfTheMix on Twitter!!) The show is in it’s 3rd season now, and not only do they have the INCREDIBLE DJ Amanda Seales hosting the show (YAYYYY!!!! I LOVE HER!!! :-)), but they also have the incomparable and LEGENDARY Kid Capri, Ben Maddahi, Jenny Costa, and the woman whom this post is dedicated to, DJ Mia Moretti.. Who did a CRAZY INCREDIBLE SET to set the tone for the evening, with electric violinist Caitlin Moe! (Caitlin, …Girl… YOU ROCKED IT!!!! Absolutely DOPE!) Follow her on Twitter as well!!>>(@CaitlinMoe)

This event was one I will never forget. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, was really personable and such sweethearts!!! We were having just an amazing time at the Marquee nightclub in NYC this past Wednesday, which was sponsored by @Smirnoff!  I was blessed to grab one of the ONLY interviews done that night, with the extremely DOPE … DJ Mia Moretti. Watch the exclusive interview with Made in The City Inc.’s Lady *O*  & Judge/Dj Mia Moretti below!! Follow her on Twitter @MiaMoretti and make sure you watch Master Of The Mix on Monday 4/1/13 @ 10PM EST!! You are NOT gonna want to miss this season!! Be sure to check out our recap post coming up this week with exclusive pictures and footage of all the DJs/Judges of Master Of The Mix doing their RIDICULOUSLY ILL sets on the stage at Marquee Nightclub in NYC!! You do NOT want to miss clicking that post! Keep up with @MadeInTheCityTs and @TheLadyOShow to stay on top of the blog exclusives on Twitter!

Dear Ms. Moretti, Made In The City Inc. loves you and thanks you for giving us this opportunity to speak with you. You had such a warm spirit and your set that evening with was amazing!!! You are an incredible talent and person. We hope to see you again in the near future!!


Felicia Lady *O* ” Owen

Written by: Lady *O*

HUGE shoutout to Loui Bond of Lou Films for an AMAZING job on the videography! Follow him on twitter! @LouiBond AND Shoutout to @SainWorld for the opportunity!

MTV’s Sway Calloway Chats with Lady *O* at the @STFU LP

MTV’S own SWAY, gives us a quick interview in the cut of Artful Dodger/Rocawear (after hosting the OxyMorrons #STFU and Listen Album Release Party) and gives you guys a hip hop history lesson in expressing yourself as an artist and a person creatively… I think you ABSOLUTELY need to check this out, for all of you thinking outside the box and for those who were wondering over the years like I was, What the HELL is under that damn cap he always wears?!…LMAO.. This one is for you….Check it out Below… 😉

Ahh Sway… Man, I LOVE this guy… In the footage I take us BOTH back down memory lane… I met Sway when I was 15 in Penn Station during one of the popular holidays and just gave him a casual “Wassup and Where you goin?” and because Sway is SUCH A COOL DUDE, he responded with he was on his way to Philly… And I wished him a nice trip/Happy Holiday and he went on his merry way.. NOW… LOL… In the footage, SWAY being the funny guy that he is, *side eye..LOL.. proceeds to joke with me about that day… Mr. Calloway is and has always been one of the top 5 people I’ve always wanted to meet… Sway, you are EXACTLY as cool as I imagined you’d be and I think you’re the kind of guy that really can’t be anything else BUT cool. The person cool enough to blend in, but dope enough to stand out. I ❤ you Sway… You’re Awesome. Thanks for bringing me full circle, it was truly an honor and a dream come true. That really made my night! =D


Written by: @TheLadyOShow

All Video was done by SpokenFree ENT. Affiliate: @ProductiveRay09 of Productive Lifestyle Group