The Boy Illinois Making Illi-noise in NYC

Chicago emcee, The Boy Illinois, paid a visit to my hometown of NYC  for his Shade45 in the Morning interview with Sway Calloway. Illi was gracious enough to bless us with an interview at The Roger Smith Hotel to talk about his latest project, The Memoirs of Gilbert Gastón, which was amazingly completely manufactured by the one and only Ambulance Factory. The music on this tape is fresh! Lots of jewels were dropped, there is a lot of life to learn off of this album, and you can hear the progression from the Inhale Series finale: Inhale Pt. 4: Horai.

So PAY ATTENTION!!! You already know Illi doesn’t like to “Say 2 Much“… LOL. 😉 Watch the interview here!

Make sure you hit the album cover to download the album for the FREE99!!


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Written by: Lady *O*

A New Foundation: True Finish by Fashion Fair 2012

(Chicago, IL) — Hosted in the beautiful (and I mean BEA-U-TI-FUL) home of Johnson Publishing Co. President, Desiree Rogers Fashion Fair Cosmetics launched their newest addition to the collection, True Finish Refining Mineral Foundation.  I had the privilege to attend this event as my Mommy’s (Amy Hilliard) ‘plus one.’

Attendees included Cheryle Jackson, Andrea Zopp (formerly and presently of the Chicago Urban League respectively), Laura Mitchell and Niki Robinson (of STYLE Network’s Chicagolicious), Linda Johnson Rice (Chairman of Johnson Publishing Co.), Clarisa Wilson (President of Fashion Fair), and many more.

True Finish foundation is a new lightweight, refining mineral foundation.  True Finish is an illuminating and color adapting foundation using the unique Hue Harmony technology, enhanced with malachite to match your undertone and texture.  With celebrity make-up artists in tow, the ladies were given the opportunity to get a ‘makeover’ with this great new product.  Each shade is named with an attribute that describes the Black Woman.

  • Precious Onyx
  • Fine Mahogany
  • Enduring Ebony
  • Honest Chocolate
  • Loving Mocha
  • Powerful Bronze
  • Confident Copper
  • Chic Cinnamon
  • Alluring Cocoa
  • Wise Honey
  • Virtuous Truffle
  • Peaceful Pecan
  • Gracious Golden
  • Tenacious Topaz
  • Soulful Tan
  • Joyful Caramel
  • Rich Toffee
  • Sexy Sand

True Finish and other Fashion Fair Cosmetics’ lines can be found in select retailers such as Macy’s, Carson’s, Dilliards, Bergners and more.  For stores in your state and to purchase online, visit:!

  Check out the pictures and the FUN in the behind the scenes video of the Fashion Fair shoot!

PHENOMenal Man… That is He.

Man… It’s been a long time coming for this post thanks to technical difficulties for the last month with Apple. *sigh*… BUT! I’m happy to post this and honored. Thank You for your patience in advance! I’m SOOOO HAPPY to FINALLY post this!!!


This is an interview you can learn A LOT from. So to all the unsigned artists out there, this interview will inspire you. I encourage you to listen to what he’s saying and then watch him in action freestyling at the end of the interview… Get ‘Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed‘ (#CMDGF) on iTunes>>

Phenom is an INCREDIBLE talent from Chicago and he was gracious enough in his stop in NYC to come sit down with me and allow me to get myself formally introduced. Wonderful person, great lyricist, and hard working individual. #Shoutout to everybody in Chicago… This one is DEFINITELY for you!  Did I mention he can sing, beatbox, and do spoken word?… Oh yeah… *nods*… He’s the truth.

P.s. Be sure to check out #13 ‘Get in The Game’ on #CMDGF… That’s a personal favorite of mine… 😉

Watch this all the way to the end… Trust me on this.

Then watch this special treat….

Phenom: 7 Deadly Sins (#CMDGF)

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Lady *O*

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The Revolution Will be Televised: Khaled M.

Now this dude right here?! … *Gives you that look of blown away in her Kat Williams impression* … IS SOMETHING ELSE! This is another person who is using their creative talents in Hip Hop to better the world they know. Khaled M. is a Libyan American from Lexington, Kentucky who just recently this year, as the war in Libya was going on, decided he wanted to help his own people by shedding light on a very misunderstood situation the best way he knew how…  His father was a revolutionary Libyan man, Mohamed “Fathi” Ahmed, who was imprisoned and tortured for 5 years and escaped in 1977 to lead more opposing forces against Gadhafi here in America and creating a home base known as the National Front for the Salvation of Libya. So with that in mind, when Khaled M. grew up and watched his home country struggle from the U.S., he wrote “Can’t Take Our Freedom” featuring the Iraqi-British emcee LowKey, (whom I also recommend that you check out IMMEDIATELY because he is EVERYWHERE.) “Can’t Take Our FreedomALONE got 50,000 hits on Youtube in its debut week… There was controversy concerning the contents of the footage and YouTube ended up banning it for quite some time… But you know who’s stronger than YouTube? …. THE PEOPLE.  Bet you they [YouTube] weren’t counting on people supporting it and reposting it everywhere, driving the numbers past 100,000 views collectively across independent sites around the world and giving YouTube no choice but to drop the ban… Crazy story right?!

  Watch the SpokenFree ENT. Interview with Khaled M. below… You’ll be amazed at his entire story and you’ll understand how his father’s story lives on. By the time you finish it, you’ll want to subscribe to his YouTube page and all of his other social media outlets.

All Videography above was done by SpokenFree ENT. Affiliate: @ProductiveRay09 of Productive Lifestyle Group

Did I also mention Khaled M. has been on CNN, ABC World News, and ABC Chicago? Check it out!

This man is truly a revolutionary hip-hop ARTIST. And even though he is extremely humble in both appearance and nature, his lyrics are of deep stories that come to you with pain, honesty, and true honor. The music itself you can tell has a large variety of international sounds on top of ill rhymes… which is SOOOOOO DOPE. With the memory of his father at the forefront, the hip-hop community, and THE WORLD behind him, this 26-year old emcee is the Real Deal Holyfield.

Khaled, THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving SpokenFree ENT. this interview and #SHOUTOUT to SWANK PR for the recommendation! You are truly an inspiration and a beautiful human being. Keep Speaking Freely, Godspeed and #GRINDON!



Watch “Can’t Take Our Freedom” and download his music via:

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Bright Lights… #PURPLE City

  J………D……..P   *she says in her “Rebecca Romijn” voice* LOL!

  Let’s just say “Poppa’s got a brand new bag!” Flying in from the Chi to NY to be at the event of the season, #CMJ, JDP came to NYC bringing “the Cold”. At the penthouse of the Thompson Hotel with 180 degrees of Uptown and Downtown New York Cityscapes to view from the bar, JDP shined royal #PURPLE (even with the no sound check circumstances he was given) at the CMJ Music Dealers Showcase performing tracks from his latest EP, The Legend of Goodfoot Jones, (Which was COMPLETELY produced by D.C. (Dutch Cannon) of FlyyCity MG… His first performance was of my FAVORITE song labeled as the Roman numeral 1. “I” (chorus “Clouds in My Coffee”)… (GOD I LOVE THAT SONG! LOL!). He continued his set with tracks from his summer mixtape release from 2011: Where Anything Goes Pt. 2 such as “Rebecca Romijn“… Along with a special treat from his unreleased, upcoming, and FIRST album EVER, PURPLE, called “Girls to the Floor”, which is set to be released at the end of 2011 or the very spawn of 2012. He rocked it out! Not to mention, the evening couldn’t be more meant to be for a JDP performance, then to have the Empire State Building LIT in PURPLE lights that evening right BEHIND the stage… Talk about an omen with an Empire STATEment, huh?! And let’s not forget that JDP’s song “Circa 87” featuring Adam Tensta was picked up by Coca Cola’s COKE ZERO as part of their “Make Your Own Dance” Campaign!! Check out the advertisement for it right here! >>> 

In the #CMJ crowd showing support for one of their own, FlyyCity Media Group’s Co-manager Stefan and (producer) Traxxion, along with Chicago’s Own: Young Live & Dom P., DJ Earn Money, and Hustle Simmons stopped through to show him some love from Chi-City… I told you we were building a bridge, didn’t I?… Well! *shrugs and smiles*…

Check out the interview we acquired in the Rocawear/Artful Dodger offices the day before #CMJ after we got through kickin’ it with Shinobi Ninja…

 JDP, keep shinin’ baby!

All Videography & Photography was done by SpokenFree ENT. Affiliate: @ProductiveRay09 of Productive Lifestyle Group

Download The Legend of Goodfoot Jones here:

Download Where Anything Goes Pt. 2 here:

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He’s as Cold as “Black Ice”… Have you gone ILL yet?

You can’t say The Boy Illinois without saying the word ILL. Lol. Coming from the Chi to represent in NYC at Santos Party House and opening up for Maino with Jist & Iron Solomon, The Boy Illinois came to NY and SHUT IT DOWN! Doing tracks off his latest mixtape: The Inhale Part 4: Horai. Production is super dope on this project and he has some really interesting stories that you should really enjoy listening to among some BANGERS that you are sure to rock back and forth bopping hard to… Like I Did. LOL.

The Boy Illinois gave us nothing but heart on stage… And I’m proud of him. Rockin’ Santos with joints like “January 4th”, “Black Ice “,(my 2 personal Faves>>)” Right Around Spring“ featuring Rel, Tre-Style, and Melanie Richelle & “Leap Year” ft. Asia Monique . His most recent released track “Yer“ is currently featured  on @DJEnuff‘s website this week! (  Illi is doing his THANG! When we shot this interview, it was the second time I got to hang out with our homie and we were in the heart of Chinatown with the NYC street lights peering down by Canal St., waiting to go inside and watch Illi throw down. Even his cousin flew down from Chicago to come see her fam bam get it in… And I don’t blame her, I promised Illi when we hung out the first time in NYC that I wouldn’t miss it for the world. And… IT… WAS… DOPE! And watch the interview to see who The Boy Illinois wants to work with!!

Check out our quick SpokenFree ENT. interview before the Santos show with The Boy Illinois on the streets of NYC.>>

This Video above & Photography below was done by @ProductiveRay09 of Productive Lifestyle Group, an Official Affiliate of SpokenFree ENT.

And if you want to check out The Boy Illinois’s first visit to NYC, check out this freestyle for that was done  after The Boy Illinois’s freestyle on MTV Raps in front of Jim Jones, Maino, and hosted by MTVs Sway Calloway… “You GO, BOY!” *she says in her Gina voice* …LOL Thanks for the interview Illi, and we know we don’t have to say it, but you know SpokenFree ENT. has maddd love for you and what you do! 😉 ❤

Download Inhale Pt. 4: Horai via here:

 To know more about The Boy Illinois check out his website:

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Lady *O* Interviews The Cool Kids: When Fish Ride Bicycles

   It’s been almost 5 years since I’ve seen my homie Chuck Inglish of            The Cool Kids and I finally caught up with him and Mikey Rocks in my hometown: L.E.S., NYC  (That’s “Lower East Side” for all of you who aren’t New Yorkers…LOL) for their When Fish Ride Bicycles Album Listening Party.

I’ve watched them go from selling beats online at the Illinois Institute of Art and performing at Columbia University in Chicago to a Rhapsody commercial and now to an ALBUM… I’m so proud!!! I never imagined we would be in the position we found ourselves in on July 7, 2011, outside doing an interview together in NYC of ALL PLACES! We’ve all grown up and grinded to get where we are now and it was definitely a little surreal for the both of us. It truly felt like their song “Roll Call” (Which plays in the beginning of what’s below 😉

**Check out the footage of my interview with The Cool Kids for SpokenFree ENT. & UNCUT Magazine that took place outside on Spring St. in the Bowery right up the corner from the Sweet and Vicious entrance.

Video Credits: Lady *O*

So when I walked in, the place was buzzing at 8pm… The dimly lit interior of Sweet and Vicious was setting the mood for conversation and good music. DJ Wonder and DJ Peter Piper took turns on the 1’s & 2’s, while the Press was doing interviews with The Cool Kids on the back patio. The Cool Kids and Mountain Dew ‘s Green Label Sound supplied us with free sunglasses, food, drinks, and brought together some amazing entrepreneurs for us to network with. Shoutout to Green Label Sound for sponsoring the event BTW! 😉

As 9pm hit, they began the listening segment/preview of When Fish Ride Bicycles. So in the video attached to this post the listening party started first with “Rush Hour Traffic“, which I must say is BO$$ for an intro to the album. The beat makes you want to blast it in your car so everyone knows you are coming from 3 blocks away…LOL! Second, was “GMC“, (which in the clip) you get to hear Chuck Inglish explain what he did to it and why the song BANGS! Third, was a track called “Boomin” which features songstress, Tennille, (she is in the footage!). This track gets it crackin like the rest!

I would definitely give this album 5 stars for originality, consistency, amazing production, lyrical integrity, for making people feel good and just plain ol’ BOP! *Does the hip-hop sway sitting down*…LOL. I know… I act a fool sometimes. But it’s because I LOVE LIFE & Hip Hop! Don’t judge me!

Somewhere in the midst of everyone’s awesome time and listening enjoyment, Amanda Diva and Asher Roth came down to support The Cool Kids among others. Dame-O & Jus Cuz from The Beat Street Club came from Chicago to support one of their own.  Raine, “The Boss Lady” of Team ATM from the Bronx, rolled with me to experience how my Chicago homies get down… It was just an AMAZING night full of love for the creative artistry hip-hop brings together.

As the credits roll on the footage, an exclusive track called “Theme Park” plays through the plethora of information you NEED to take down. This track IS NOT on When Fish Ride Bicycles nor is it on Chicago’s own: JDP of FlyyCity‘s upcoming album, Purple, which is to be released September 2011.

The track features JDP with Rockie Fresh, Adam Tensta, The Cool Kids ownMikey Rocks, and Que Billah.  Check it out on YouTube and leave comments via>

DownloadTheme Park here!

When Fish Ride Bicycles  released TODAY, July 12, 2011 and can be downloaded on iTunes RIGHT NOW!

Check out their Official Website where you can catch yourself up on all of the projects they’ve ever done and BUY the new album!

Written and Edited by: Lady *O*

The Cool Kids prepare for Outside Interviews

Lady *O* with The Cool Kids

Chuck Inglish Curates "When Fish Ride Bicycles"

The Cool Kids and songstress Tennille

Nice Lady Feeds the Fish.. LOL

Sweet and Vicious

Lady *O* chats with The Man inside the Fish. LOL

Chuck Inglish chattin it up with the peeps

Mikey Rocks chillin and networking...

The PACKED Press Patio of Sweet and Vicious

Photography credits: Preston L. House