A Complex young mind is a terrible thing to waste…

One STATEment: ARIZONA… I know what you’re thinking… “Arizona?”…YUP. ARIZONA. This super humble emcee, Complex (formerly known as “Young Juezno”), comes to us from the hot desert state we know as Arizona… And he is indeed a complex individual. At 20 years old, this young man is going through what I’m sure a lot of you emcees go through when you first started out: DOUBT. I know this isn’t a typical piece… That’s the point!! *smacks you upside the back of your head and says DUH!* LOL…

In my opinion, (through this interview at Artful Dodger and having a REALLY deep 4 hour conversation with him), Complex gave us something in this piece that I think a lot of upcoming emcees need to pay attention to and often forget when making the music itself, which is vulnerability. Yeah… every emcee wants to chop off their competitor’s head with intense lyricism like Eminem and Jay-Z. But even Eminem & Jay-Z let us into some places that were really personal and they took the time to develop their skills to be able to communicate their story back to us in a way that we could understand. Complex’s fire and desire is there, and I think you should look out for him in the future… He’s definitely on to something… Complex [I feel] is set out to prove that with great patience and intense focus, you can have the world at your fingertips in an instant if you work hard enough to achieve what seems impossible at the moment and take the time to develop your craft. Don’t take this as a sad and mopey hip-hop story lol, because it’s NOT.  This is the story of how ANYONE who aspires to succeed in this art form can become a hip-hop botanist if they just find the peace in waiting for the seeds they planted, to develop into lyrical fields of bountiful words that might one day feed the mind of the next generation… So when you watch the interview, keep what I just said, in mind… 😉

Download his first project released earlier this year called Common Courtesy  with his partner in crime 3DMAC for FREE 99 below! And MAKE SURE you comment and leave feedback!! He wants to hear what you think!


All Videography was done by SpokenFree ENT. Affiliate: @ProductiveRay09 of Productive Lifestyle Group

#SHOUTOUT to @ARTFULDODGER &@SainWorld for hookin it up!

Written by:

Lady *O* 

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