MTV’s Sway Calloway Chats with Lady *O* at the @STFU LP

MTV’S own SWAY, gives us a quick interview in the cut of Artful Dodger/Rocawear (after hosting the OxyMorrons #STFU and Listen Album Release Party) and gives you guys a hip hop history lesson in expressing yourself as an artist and a person creatively… I think you ABSOLUTELY need to check this out, for all of you thinking outside the box and for those who were wondering over the years like I was, What the HELL is under that damn cap he always wears?!…LMAO.. This one is for you….Check it out Below… 😉

Ahh Sway… Man, I LOVE this guy… In the footage I take us BOTH back down memory lane… I met Sway when I was 15 in Penn Station during one of the popular holidays and just gave him a casual “Wassup and Where you goin?” and because Sway is SUCH A COOL DUDE, he responded with he was on his way to Philly… And I wished him a nice trip/Happy Holiday and he went on his merry way.. NOW… LOL… In the footage, SWAY being the funny guy that he is, *side eye..LOL.. proceeds to joke with me about that day… Mr. Calloway is and has always been one of the top 5 people I’ve always wanted to meet… Sway, you are EXACTLY as cool as I imagined you’d be and I think you’re the kind of guy that really can’t be anything else BUT cool. The person cool enough to blend in, but dope enough to stand out. I ❤ you Sway… You’re Awesome. Thanks for bringing me full circle, it was truly an honor and a dream come true. That really made my night! =D


Written by: @TheLadyOShow

All Video was done by SpokenFree ENT. Affiliate: @ProductiveRay09 of Productive Lifestyle Group

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  1. Dope! I see you Lady O!

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