Donny Goines: The Man with a Plan.

So by now I’m sure you’ve seen the footage from Artful Dodger’s #CLUSTERFUCK in our previous post… and you saw Donny Goines & Mike Milan get it in to my FAVORITE track off Success Served Cold…That ish goes SOOOO HARD!! *Does the stank face and Mary J bops* LOL… I’m sorry… THAT’S MY JAM!!!  We’ve added another clip of another joint that is the ONLY TRACK released off Success Served Cold at the moment called “Champion’s Anthem” (the final version has Bun B., Pill, XV, and DJ Corbitt on the mix) and you can see Mr. Goines is a real live performer. Both of those tracks will be on his upcoming release Success Served Cold which is set to drop November 11th, two thousand #ICH1BAN! 😉 (If you don’t know what it means, watch the interview!! )

BUT now, we’re bringing you a more in-depth look of the man himself.

Bringing both community and love for the craft up to the forefront, Brooklyn’s own Donny Goines speaks to SpokenFree ENT. about Donny Goines [the Artist] and Donny Goines [the Person]. And from personal experience, I can say this was a really great and enlightening conversation. He gives insight into his own personal experiences as an emcee and advice to all you upcoming emcees striving to be the next GREAT. And since Donny is the type of person who would rather you watch and listen (than me writing you a college paper LOL) check out this exclusive interview at Artful Dodger.. Thanks Donny!… You are a very real human being and SpokenFree ENT. appreciates you. #GRINDON, Love. #GRINDON.

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Written By: @TheLadyOShow

All Photography & Video done by SpokenFree ENT. Affiliate: @ProductiveRay09 of Productive Lifestyle Group

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