You’re Rude: The 2 Of Diamonds – Jackin’ For Fans

Really?!  Are you serious?

Let me elaborate on what I’m fussing about.  The 2 Of Diamonds debut mixtape, Jackin’ For Fans (Hosted by: DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar), that’s what!  Here’s the breakdown:

This group out of Chicago is made up of Myke Boogie and Dee Rush.  Teamed with thoughtful lyrics and sophisticated (yet not overdone) production, The 2 OF Diamonds have the gall to ACTUALLY sound like “genuine hip-hop”!  THEN, oh THEN on Jackin’ For Fans, they have the nerve to hit me with POETRY on (get this) the first track!

And how dare they write songs like, So Long, Who R U Dreamer, Better Dayz, Play This Song, Up In The Sky, and This One’s For You?!

 I wasn’t ready!  I just wasn’t ready.  Their sound is so refreshing and even though there is an unquestionable ‘old skool’ influence, Jackin’ For Fans makes me feel brand new!  Honestly, ALL songs deserve play, repeated.  I’ve been forwarding the download link to everyone, here’s yours, click it.

The 2 Of Diamonds: Jackin’ For Fans

You’re welcome.

Y’all rude selves have a new fan in Lady J.  🙂  Check this footage from the Jackin’ For Fans listening party @ LDRS.

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