#CLUSTERFUCK FRIDAYS: Rocawear X Artful Dodger

*She says with that “Rumor has it” tone*…#TeamSarcasmVoice

“And older people say that our generation can’t work together for a positive cause… SMH…”


 #CLUSTERFUCK Fridays organized by Rocawear and Artful Dodger has been going on for 2 years… And this past Friday (9/16/2011) was mine and @ProductiveRay09‘s first time going. I’ve been in Chicago for the last 7 years, so I never had the chance to go… BIG TIME #SHOUTOUT to SAIN…and also #SHOUTOUT to my girl Tasha Sanchez!  What NICE PEOPLE with GREAT energy! I heart you BOTH immensely from the bottom of my Hip Hop soul. ❤ Thanks for welcoming me home with open arms since I got here… You are a part of the great glue that helps keep us Hip Hop heads together…

Honestly…I had NO IDEA what  was ahead at the address where we were going to on Friday when I got off work FINALLY…LOL… But when we got there?…MAN!! *her face lights up with utter JOY all OVER again just thinking about it*

We went upstairs to Rocawear in the heart of Times Square, and passed the glass doors and upscale hallways and ran into artist, WordSpit, who has a campaign going on as we speak called “Rise of The Illest (SOBS TAKEOVER) dedicated to raising money and awareness for HIV & AIDS and is sponsored by Rocawear, MTV, New Era, and more! The show is NEXT MONDAY9/26/11  and you should check it out to support this amazing cause! PLUS IT’S FREE!!! Donations will be accepted for the cause! And some of who performed at #CLUSTERFUCK will be performing there as well!

Check the roster!!! Here’s the flyer to the event!


After meeting and exchanging pleasantries with @WordSpit, we moved into the room filled with positive people with an amazing energy, fashion, and undying love for Hip Hop.  Rocawear and Artful Dodger made sure that EVERYONE was able to have a good time by providing us with an EXCLUSIVE taste of Absolut‘s tribute to one of NY’s most esteemed boroughs and put together with the help of Spike LeeAbsolut BROOKLYN. When I say it’s SMOOTH?…It’s SMOOOOOOTH..AND DELICIOUS with orange juice…LOL. If I DO say so myself… LOL.


As the night progressed, we were graced with the emcees of the hour:

Skinni Sonni and Donny Goines…

  Check out the footage below to get a taste of Philly’s ownSkinni Sonni and #SSC‘s (Success Served Cold) Donny Goines from NY…These guys were SO dope and have a lot of different flavors under every layer, so I suggest that you go grab the music and LISTEN. They allowed their #CLUSTERFUCK audience to grace the set with them at the end of the night which I thought was a really classy way to end this amazing Hip-Hop united evening…

Footage by: Raymond Rodriguez (@ProductiveRay09)


In order of appearance (from the footage):

@SkinniSonni> www.facebook.com/skinnisonni

@DonnyGoines> www.successservedcold.com

@AudraTheRapper> www.AudraTheRapper.com

@MikeMilan> http://milanisanasshole.wordpress.com

@Real_JLittles> http://soundcloud.com/jlittles

@DREMURMUSIC> http://WhoisDremur.com

@Taronyb> http://taronyb.tumblr.com

@cj_poppageorgio> http://ceejaetheproducer.bandcamp.com & www.soundcloud.com/ceejae

@Caktuz> www.caktuztree.com

@itspanamababy> www.panamalovesu.com

@CBF_Pinks> www.soundcloud.com/cbf_pinks

A couple of SUPER DOPE artists you should also check out that were there and are in the pictures below in the slideshow doing their thing:

@NylesRaps> www.nylesraps.tumblr.com

@Kwizdawizzard> www.beurecords.com

Check out the slideshow!! ALL of these artists have mixtapes & albums that have deep catalogs, dropped a project recently, or have music that’s on the way!! So start investigating these artists and support good music!!! “QUALITY over Quantity, RIGHT?! Well, you saw the footage… Decide for yourself!!! The proof is in the music and in the quality of the work.

Written by Lady *O*

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos by: Raymond Rodriguez (@ProductiveRay09)

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