YFAME: A “Somebody-ish Nobody” You NEED To Pay Attention To…ASAP!

Philly’s own “Kid On The Bus” is now taking the NJ Transit and about to give EVERY “Somebody-ish Nobody” a run for their money… YFame, age  21, is “coming to snatch everybody’s chain” in the Hip-Hop world. During my #CLEANINGMYROOMTHOROUGHLYROTATIONVOL1 via @TheLadyOShow on Twitter, I was sent a link to FANTASTIC, (If I DO say so myself) mixtape projects: Kid On The Bus and The Somebody-ish Nobody which can be found on www.IAMYFAME.com and are BOTH FREE downloads!, there is NO EXCUSE why you can’t support his lyrical ability! And they BLEW me away upon first listen….

Check out our interview together… Footage by R. Rodriguez @ProductiveRay09

Vodpod videos no longer available.
SpokenFree ENT. Presents YFAME & Lady *O*, posted with vodpod

Both projects show YFame’s complete vulnerability as a regular person and give his listeners a taste of what emcees SHOULD be talking about… He’s lost a lot on his journey and has no problem telling you what makes YFame…YFAME.  From tracks like the one playing in the beginning of the interview “P.S.A.” that talk about the oversaturation of the hip-hop industry to tracks like “Slum Circus” that reflect what urban culture SHOULDN’T continue to glorify on the major networks… YFame is truly an advocate for a better music industry and a better society.

As if his work wasn’t already magnificent with just him because he has been producing his OWN beats since he was ELEVEN years old, we can’t forget oneVERY important fact when it comes to the QUALITY of his music… With Grammy-award winning producer, Jerry Wonda of Wonda Music who has produced tracks for Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and even Diddy (among COUNTLESS others..LOL) assisting in the production and management of YFame, this young lyrical BEAST is about unleash the ILLEST can of whoop ass on the hip hop world… Ok… Maybe just the world Period. LOL…

Word LIFE? Cleaning my room was the best thing that ever happened to me.  Now, I KEEP it dirty in hopes of finding the NEXT YFame all over again…LMAO… This dude completely stands alone when it comes to his talent, and I was truly a kid in a candy store when I met him in real life. There’s nothing like meeting someone you admire… Even if they ARE a “Somebody-ish Nobody”… We’ll see how long THAT title lasts… In my eyes, Y, you will ALWAYS be regarded as SOMEBODY. You’ve helped me grind, pass the time at my boring 9-5, and helped me meditate on MANY occasion…#SALUTE #RESPECT and#LOVE.  Thanks for this interview, I will FOREVER be a LIFELONG appreciator of your music… Support him TODAY!

Follow Him @YFame on Twitter. ASAP.

Written by: Lady *O*


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