Part 2: The Cool Kids open ‘The Vault’ and ‘Bowl’ to Glory

  The Cool Kids strike again!! I met up with them for the follow-up interview at urban clothing store hotspot: The Vault in Harlem, NYC this past week. This is following the success of their debut album When Fish Ride Bicycles, which debuted at #1 on the Hip Hop iTunes Charts… This duo, whom i’m honored to call friends, is doing it EXTREMELY BIG!

Congrats, Gentlemen. It’s well deserved!!! And We Love You! ❤

At The Vault, I walked in and immediately over the store’s sound system was the first track you heard in the previous album release footage we posted in July’s SpokenFreely Post, “Rush Hour Traffic“…

The Cool Kids strolled in looking dapper as usual,  had a couple of NYC’s famous street vendor icees and did a little shopping in the store before they sat down to sign posters for their appreciators at this Meet & Greet…#SHOUTOUT to Cornerstone! And OF COURSE I got a signed poster to add to my “Lady *O*’s Independent Wall of Fame” (Which Chuck signed to “The A.I. Legends”, for all of you people who went school with us and have supported them since Day 1 back in Chicago, That poster is for ALL of us! 😉 and we got the interview you are about to watch below..;-)

Thanks Chuck! And Mikey, The Poster MADE IT THIS TIME!!! YAAY! LOL...

**PLEASE EXCUSE the high frequency noise in the background… It was the store’s door alarm… I mean…It’s The Cool Kids dammit! LOL… OF COURSE people are going to be coming in and out to see them up close and personal! DUH! LOL. #TEAMSARCASM

 But just in case you didn’t hear the first question I asked: It was, “This is the follow up to our first piece, and since then, you’ve guys have hit #1 on iTunes, and I want to know… How does it Feel?”… 2nd question: “What business advice do you have to upcoming artists who are trying to come in doing something unique and different with their music?”

Videographer & Photography Credits go to ProductiveRay!  HUGE #Shoutout to Ray for doing an AMAZING job with this footage! Gratitude! Thanks for coming along and I know we will be working together a lot more in the future! Look out for him yall!!! 😉 Follow him on Twitter: @ProductiveRay09

AND if you weren’t @Brooklyn Bowl later that day/night to catch our other homie & Chicago’s own: Rockie Fresh…(Which BTW go to Download his HIT mixtape “The Otherside.. Redux” it’s DOPE!) open up for The Cool Kids in Brooklyn, NYCYOU missed one HELL of a show!  (Check out the pics in the Slideshow BELOW AND The Cool Kids performing LIVE in the background of the interview footage ABOVE… If you didn’t catch it when you watched it the first time, Watch it again!..LOL…;-)

Download The Cool Kids’ “When Fish Ride Bicycles” on iTunes!

Lady *O* & Los Paris (Photo by Je Ne Sais Quoi Films)

Jersey’s own: Los Paris of DreamF.L.Y. Ent. came out to support The Cool Kids and Rockie Fresh with me (Be sure to check out Los Paris’s mixtape “A Mixtape” on… The picture credit for the 2 of us goes to Je Ne Sais Quoi Films, who have done a lot of work with The Cool Kids in the past… Thanks for the picture and networking with SpokenFree ENT., Fellas!

 P.S. Readers, STAY TUNED!… because Je Ne Sais Quoi Films  & SpokenFree ENT. are doing an upcoming piece on MBK Ent. Artist: FAME …Together THIS WEEK! 😉 

Written By: Lady *O*


  1. Show was dope, Cool Kids, are dope, and so is Lady O, Rockie Fresh, and Productive Ray. #Shouts to you all!!!

  2. The COOL KIDS Bringin bacc that real HIP HOP!!! 1 love my dudes

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