Lady *O* Interviews The Cool Kids: When Fish Ride Bicycles

   It’s been almost 5 years since I’ve seen my homie Chuck Inglish of            The Cool Kids and I finally caught up with him and Mikey Rocks in my hometown: L.E.S., NYC  (That’s “Lower East Side” for all of you who aren’t New Yorkers…LOL) for their When Fish Ride Bicycles Album Listening Party.

I’ve watched them go from selling beats online at the Illinois Institute of Art and performing at Columbia University in Chicago to a Rhapsody commercial and now to an ALBUM… I’m so proud!!! I never imagined we would be in the position we found ourselves in on July 7, 2011, outside doing an interview together in NYC of ALL PLACES! We’ve all grown up and grinded to get where we are now and it was definitely a little surreal for the both of us. It truly felt like their song “Roll Call” (Which plays in the beginning of what’s below 😉

**Check out the footage of my interview with The Cool Kids for SpokenFree ENT. & UNCUT Magazine that took place outside on Spring St. in the Bowery right up the corner from the Sweet and Vicious entrance.

Video Credits: Lady *O*

So when I walked in, the place was buzzing at 8pm… The dimly lit interior of Sweet and Vicious was setting the mood for conversation and good music. DJ Wonder and DJ Peter Piper took turns on the 1’s & 2’s, while the Press was doing interviews with The Cool Kids on the back patio. The Cool Kids and Mountain Dew ‘s Green Label Sound supplied us with free sunglasses, food, drinks, and brought together some amazing entrepreneurs for us to network with. Shoutout to Green Label Sound for sponsoring the event BTW! 😉

As 9pm hit, they began the listening segment/preview of When Fish Ride Bicycles. So in the video attached to this post the listening party started first with “Rush Hour Traffic“, which I must say is BO$$ for an intro to the album. The beat makes you want to blast it in your car so everyone knows you are coming from 3 blocks away…LOL! Second, was “GMC“, (which in the clip) you get to hear Chuck Inglish explain what he did to it and why the song BANGS! Third, was a track called “Boomin” which features songstress, Tennille, (she is in the footage!). This track gets it crackin like the rest!

I would definitely give this album 5 stars for originality, consistency, amazing production, lyrical integrity, for making people feel good and just plain ol’ BOP! *Does the hip-hop sway sitting down*…LOL. I know… I act a fool sometimes. But it’s because I LOVE LIFE & Hip Hop! Don’t judge me!

Somewhere in the midst of everyone’s awesome time and listening enjoyment, Amanda Diva and Asher Roth came down to support The Cool Kids among others. Dame-O & Jus Cuz from The Beat Street Club came from Chicago to support one of their own.  Raine, “The Boss Lady” of Team ATM from the Bronx, rolled with me to experience how my Chicago homies get down… It was just an AMAZING night full of love for the creative artistry hip-hop brings together.

As the credits roll on the footage, an exclusive track called “Theme Park” plays through the plethora of information you NEED to take down. This track IS NOT on When Fish Ride Bicycles nor is it on Chicago’s own: JDP of FlyyCity‘s upcoming album, Purple, which is to be released September 2011.

The track features JDP with Rockie Fresh, Adam Tensta, The Cool Kids ownMikey Rocks, and Que Billah.  Check it out on YouTube and leave comments via>

DownloadTheme Park here!

When Fish Ride Bicycles  released TODAY, July 12, 2011 and can be downloaded on iTunes RIGHT NOW!

Check out their Official Website where you can catch yourself up on all of the projects they’ve ever done and BUY the new album!

Written and Edited by: Lady *O*

The Cool Kids prepare for Outside Interviews

Lady *O* with The Cool Kids

Chuck Inglish Curates "When Fish Ride Bicycles"

The Cool Kids and songstress Tennille

Nice Lady Feeds the Fish.. LOL

Sweet and Vicious

Lady *O* chats with The Man inside the Fish. LOL

Chuck Inglish chattin it up with the peeps

Mikey Rocks chillin and networking...

The PACKED Press Patio of Sweet and Vicious

Photography credits: Preston L. House         

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