Chris Shields IS INDEED A “Man on Fire”


Location, location, location—Chris Shields’ Man on Fire is a testament to Chicago’s prime location at the heart of the nation. Encompassing sounds from the south and east coast, and blending them in a way only Chicago can. With southern and east coast influences and Chicago soul, Man on Fire toggles between different sounds without ever sounding out of place.

Shields comes out the gate with one of the strongest tracks on the album, Inception, an epic, soulful and well written anthem of champions, that sets the stage for a serious of impressively produced tracks. On Rush, Chris blends his smooth delivery, ear for music, and the beautifully affecting voice of Latoria Kline to create a sound and atmosphere that feels like the ride home from the best night of your life. Fast Lane continues that “ride” with a sound that can only be understood by a drive down Lake Shore Drive in summertime Chi. A little more than halfway through the album, the progressive hustler amps up his sound with a heavy southern influence and dials back the introspection with club tracks like Stop, Drop, Roll and Watch Her Go. All before closing out the album with one of the most introspective tracks—Real Life, an audio celebratory toast—Glasses Up, and a bonus track that seems more like the title track to the album, Hot.

Man on Fire is a true Chicago tale, the story of a man who does what he must to do what he wants. Shields’ is a progressive hustler, usually contradictory terms, but embraced in Man on Fire. Shields embodies that conflict with his laid back delivery coupled with attention grabbing beats. Man on Fire has something for everyone, just like the city its author hails from. Shields delivers as a man on fire with a slow burning flame that hisses and crackles out truths and banalities in a manner only Chicago could.


By: Tyler “The Gent”





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  2. Niiiiiiiiccccceee! Very well worded review!! Love it

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