For the men who don’t hear it enough…


Sup y’all, Lady J reaching out.  I’m writing this because I’ve just been feeling something in my soul for a little while and it can’t sit any longer.

This IS the Spoken Freely Blog,huh?

In all seriousness, as a young black woman I need to speak to black men briefly.  I. LOVE. YOU.   Far too often we hear, see and speak on how horrible black men are.  Too many news stories about the crimes some have committed and seemingly, that’s all we’re left with.  I’m standing on top of my mountain screaming, “NO!”

I know and know of too many college educated, generous, providing, kind-hearted, thoughtful, faithful, higher power acknowledging, knowledge seeking, fire-spitting, community reaching and teaching brothers.

(Yup that WHOLE sentence.)

I’m proud to know you and I appreciate all the motivation you’ve given me. I appreciate your dedication to your crafts, knowledge, community and family.  I appreciate all the things you’ve taught me and all the things I’ve learned.

So, as my lil’ love letter closes I will simply say…

Thank you.

All my love,
Lady J


  1. Thank you my sister, my queen, my partner.
    I needed that today.


  2. As a man of African ancestry I must give all praise to the most high, and to the ancestors however; the first teachers, feeders of food and knowledge, the life givers on Earth, to the African woman, lady, queen, I must give praise, love, and acknowledge the duality of our bond. A great man, has a great woman in their life beside not behind them, creating a great family, and community. Once woman as a whole echo these words of yours, and the men as a whole echo it back, drowning out the destructive self images portrayed by the media, by racism, prejudice in the educational system, and the remnants of other overt (now refined) isms then as a whole we shall move forward creating the paradise we deserve and once knew iin past ages. In short, thank you sister and to all sisters speaking such kind words. Us brothers appreciate it. Luvlove Lady J.

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  4. I LOVE this…we (our community and our children) NEED more of this…

  5. Beautiful.

  6. Thank you! You’re beautiful inside and out Lady J. We let kind words escape us far too often. Thank you for breaking the trend.

  7. Absolutely beautiful, Angelica! I am so proud of you. Love, Your Auntie.

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  9. Thanks Lady J, I really needed to hear that. It’s so far in-between good deeds get acknowledged by positive black men. Although we don’t do it for recognition, it is nice to know someone sees and appreciates it. Love you

  10. AWESOME WORK!!! thank u for sharing this with me! You are appreciated more than you know!

  11. I love this woman right here. We been friends since highschool when I’d be straight wasted in British Lit like “waddup”.lol But real though she’s had my back on many occassions, we’ve fell out, we’ve gotten back up and we’ll always help each other reach the stars one way or another. Our ppl need to get back to the genuine kinship of friendship and relation because too many of us dont know each other let alone ourselves so the pressure to build amongst one selves and down everybody else runs rampant through our culture. But we are more, more than just cells under control in a testtube for the microscrope, we have hope and with sisters like Jelz in our world through our blood… we gone make it. ❤ one love Lets bring it back home! We are the NEW, Old School in the making. If we had more women with their head on straight to choose from and help us black men we'd hear "I LOVE YOU" I RIDE FOR YOU – No matter what the world says. cause the white mans world is scared of an educated black man.

  12. Thank you. It is not often that such heartfelt words strike me with joy. I will continue to strive and grow, learn and teach. One blood. One Love.

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