Exclusive: GLC’s Album Listening Party & Interview

Last night in Chicago GLC held a listening party for his debut album Love, Life & Loyalty. Chicago native & UNCUT Magazine’s own Lady J was in the building and got a first hand listen to what makes G.O.O.D Music.

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Hometown hero GLC enters with true Chitown steeze, a leather jacket and the freshest of J’s. He makes his way around the room individually thanking everyone for coming out and heads to the back. DJ Sean Mac is spinning his classics. If you were looking around the dimly lit but intimately set Foundation Room of The House of Blues at this point, you would probably note this intimate setting was damn near perfect for getting a sense of the music and the man.

This highly anticipated album comes with many firsts for GLC and hip-hop. No, for reals. Not only is Love, Life & Loyalty GLC’s first album BUT it also comes with Bruce Springsteen’s first ever signed sample release on a rap album. Yes, that’s correct….Bruce Springsteen. Landing a distribution deal with EMI Music, GLC was signed with no sales history, a first for the company. History made! Uncut Magazine was able to get the first brief interview of the night.

UNCUT: What advice do you have for other MCs trying to break into the business and be heard?

GLC: Use the Internet! I started in ’06. The www stands for World Wide Web, so that means you have access to the whole world. Constantly put records out. Man, I was puttin’ records out like every week.

UNCUT: How long was the writing and recording process for this album?

GLC: Hmm, well it’s my life story so…(laughs) No, really is was about 1-2 years writing it. I was recording fast though, knocking tracks out in 1-2 takes but, ego shouldn’t slow your progress. You know, you might need to sit down and listen to the track and see what might need to be changed.

UNCUT: Describe this album in one word.


GLC has traveled all over the world and worked with numerous producers but with this album he demonstrates his trust in his hometown’s talent. Dig this, Love, Life & Loyalty has 95% Chicago producers! (This blogger is from Chicago, that news was especially delightful for me). He said, “If your city shows you love, you got to show love back. Gratitude should be your attitude.”

This joint is laced with features from Twista, Shawnna, John Legend and more. The lead single off the album, Clockin’ Lotsa Dollarz features Sir Mix-A-Lot and Bun B.

With hood anthems like The Big Knot featuring Bump J and reflective tracks like Blinded By the Light GLC is sure to continue to make history with Love, Life & Loyalty.

-Lady j-

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