“Dieting” – 12/2009

Yes that’s’ right I used the (“”).  I’m not sure if it’s just me and it JUST CAN’T BE, I refuse to “do it right” ‘til the food is done so.  I…I really just don’t see how it works.  I mean, granted there are some good healthy snacks and such, but they are really expensive.  So what is available to me AND my budget has an extreme taste of lackluster-ness.  Bland. Gross. Headed for the Lean Pockets *side eye, lean lol*.

May I be honest…? I am trying to get in shape.  So I have started a workout regimen, with a bff *smiley face* and started making more conscious decisions about what I put in my body.  However, as previously stated I REFUSE to put yucky tasting “healthy” food in my mouth and have to endure because it’s right? No ma’am.  (Oh, if only ya’ll could see the neck rollin’ to be inserted here.)

What’s in my fridge you ask? Welp, I’ve got some ground turkey, turkey bacon, brown rice, wheat bread, turkey (of the lunchmeat variety), celery and other assorted veggies, chicken wings (frozen), milk, eggs, etc., OH…and Ben & Jerry’s Mint Cookie Chunk (It Cookies n’ Cream AND Mint flavored, if you don’t know…).  In the paaantry I have rice, beans (also assorted),  Kix and Cap’n Crunch.  Yes, the ORIGINAL Cap’n Crunch! Ugh. It. Is. Just. So. Damn. Delicious. Lol

So, I have both the good and the “evils” of food in my home.  Please do not let everything, everywhere press you.  Honestly, just the workouts and new mindset, tummy-wise have added productivity to my 9 to 5 workday AND the business I started along with my two best friends (hence this blog, and the link to the site www.spokenfree.us, plug).  Hey, I’ve already started to get my legs back!  So please don’t just “do right”, do right BY YOU!


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