Woman where art thou?

“Women are like pillows, we absorb everything only giving enough push back to keep a man’s head up.”–Lady J

I pondered on that on my ride to work this morning. I then began to wonder, where down the road did ladies lose sight of the “woman” in the independent woman? And why?

There is nothing wrong with holding your own, but when you are with your man, you gotta let him be that. When did it become the norm for women, especially black women to be so HARD all the time?

What happened to being the support system for our brothers. Now, it’s like “men (for lack of a more commonly used word) ain’t shit” is the anthem for black women, I for one am tired of it.

Women have ALWAYS been the strength behind any man, where did that go? I know that black women are faced with the challenge of proving folks wrong but, still.

I mean really, what separates women from men. Women are naturally gentle, nurturing, etc. Isn’t that what makes us so special anyway?

Why let that part of you go ladies?

That is where all of your power truly lies. There is strength in softness.

Think about it.

Lady J aka Jelz OUT!

1 Comment

  1. Speak the truth Jelli! When you’re in a NeoSoul mood, listen to “Brotha” by Angie Stone…

    Love, Your VERY PROUD Auntie!

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